a male given name, form of Vincent.

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  • Vino

    noun, plural vinos. Informal. 1. wine; specifically, red Italian wine, as chianti. 1. variant of vini-. in vino veritas [in wee-noh we-ri-tahs; English in vahy-noh ver-i-tas, -tahs, vee-noh] /ɪn ˈwi noʊ ˈwɛ rɪˌtɑs; English ɪn ˈvaɪ noʊ ˈvɛr ɪˌtæs, -tɑs, ˈvi noʊ/ Latin. 1. in wine there is truth. noun (pl) -nos 1. an informal […]

  • Vino-de-pasto

    [vee-noh duh pah-stoh; Spanish bee-naw de pahs-taw] /ˈvi noʊ də ˈpɑ stoʊ; Spanish ˈbi nɔ dɛ ˈpɑs tɔ/ noun 1. a pale, dry sherry of Spain.

  • Vinometer

    noun 1. a hydrometer for measuring the percentage of alcohol in wine.

  • Vin-ordinaire

    [van nawr-dee-ner] /vɛ̃ nɔr diˈnɛr/ noun, plural vins ordinaires [van zawr-dee-ner] /vɛ̃ zɔr diˈnɛr/ (Show IPA). French. 1. inexpensive table wine, usually of unspecified origin. vin ordinaire /vɛ̃n ɔrdinɛr/ noun (pl) vins ordinaires (vɛ̃z ɔrdinɛr) 1. cheap table wine, esp French

  • Vinosity

    noun 1. the collective characteristics of a wine, especially its distinctive taste. noun 1. the distinctive and essential quality and flavour of wine

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