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Also, Waldstein. Albrecht Wenzel Eusebius von
[ahl-brekht ven-tsuh l oi-zey-bee-oo s fuh n] /ˈɑl brɛxt ˈvɛn tsəl ɔɪˈzeɪ biˌʊs fən/ (Show IPA), Duke of Friedland
[freed-land,, -luh nd;; German freet-lahnt] /ˈfridˌlænd,, -lənd;; German ˈfritˌlɑnt/ (Show IPA), 1583–1634, Austrian general in the Thirty Years’ War, born in Bohemia.
Alfred, 1898–1983, U.S. cellist and conductor.
Historical Examples

The existence of such corps rendered every successful commander a possible Wallenstein, to use a name of more modern importance.
The Art of War in the Middle Ages A.D. 378-1515 C. W. C. Oman

This defeat was the death-blow to Wallenstein’s fortunate career.
Great Men and Famous Women. Vol. 1 of 8 Various

Instead, therefore, of listening to the wise counsels of Wallenstein he hastened to augment his forces.
The Lion of the North G.A. Henty

We do not pity Wallenstein; even in ruin he seems too great for pity.
The Life of Friedrich Schiller Thomas Carlyle

And for the first time Nigel comprehended that the fortunes of Wallenstein were dearer to her heart than a lover’s passion.
The Mercenary W. J. Eccott

Notwithstanding, Wallenstein’s proposition was readily received by him.
The Thirty Years War, Complete Friedrich Schiller

Possibly, but not one more likely to elicit Wallenstein’s candour.
The Mercenary W. J. Eccott

Thus Wallenstein fell, not because he was a rebel, but he became a rebel because he fell.
The Thirty Years War, Complete Friedrich Schiller

Thus did Wallenstein, at the age of fifty, terminate his active and extraordinary life.
The Thirty Years War, Complete Friedrich Schiller

The stars in their courses seemed indeed to fight for Wallenstein.
The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 11 Various

Albrecht Wenzel Eusebius von (ˈalbrɛçt ˈvɛntsəl ɔyˈzeːbiʊs fɔn), duke of Friedland and Mecklenburg, prince of Sagan. 1583–1634, German general and statesman, born in Bohemia. As leader of the Hapsburg forces in the Thirty Years’ War he won many successes until his defeat at Lützen (1632) by Gustavus Adolphus


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