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having or tending to have pimples
Word Origin



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  • Ziusudra

    a legendary Sumerian king who built a boat in which to escape the Deluge.

  • Ziv

    a month equivalent to Iyar of the modern Jewish calendar. I Kings 6:1.

  • Ziwiye

    an ancient city in W Iran: large collection of ivory, gold, and bronze artifacts, dating from c675 to c600 b.c., found here in 1946.

  • Ziza

    ziza splendour; abundance. (1.) A Simeonite prince (1 Chr. 4:37-43). (2.) A son of Rehoboam (2 Chr. 11:20). Historical Examples When he concluded, ziza heaved a very deep sigh and closed her eyes. Fighting the Flames R.M. Ballantyne ziza smiled faintly, as she extended her hand to Willie, who took it and pressed it gently. […]

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