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John or Johann ?1733–1810, British painter, esp of portraits; born in Germany
Historical Examples

His physical appearance is familiar from his own portraits of himself, and from that which zoffany painted of him.
Gainsborough Max Rothschild

zoffany was elected among the first members of the Royal Academy in 1768.
Haunted London Walter Thornbury

The room might be a background to a picture by zoffany, dim and mellow and empty.
The Harlequinade Dion Clayton Calthrop

It is Italian in conception, and quite in keeping with other work of zoffany.
Chats on Old Clocks Arthur Hayden

zoffany, the artist, lived for some time in poverty in Drury Lane.
Haunted London Walter Thornbury

He thought of giving Nina the receipt from zoffany’s in his pocket, decided not to take the chance.
The Ambassador Samuel Kimball Merwin

It had evidently held some sort of necklace and bore the mark of zoffany’s, the Capital’s costliest jeweler.
The Ambassador Samuel Kimball Merwin

Rimbault desired the man to send him, and zoffany was ultimately engaged to paint clock faces.
Curiosities of Impecuniosity H. G. Somerville

zoffany is now chiefly known in connection with his excellent character-portraits of famous old actors and actresses.
Curiosities of Impecuniosity H. G. Somerville


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