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a member of a group of North American Indians inhabiting the largest of the Indian pueblos, in western New Mexico.
the language of the Zuni.
Contemporary Examples

Judy Rogers tells a story and shows you how to cook it in The Zuni Café Cookbook.
Fresh Picks Marc Meyer May 31, 2010

Other places not to miss include Tartine for breakfast, Zuni Café for lunch, A16 and Delfina for dinner.
Fresh Picks Alfred Portale August 30, 2011

Historical Examples

More detailed notes on Zuni transcriptions are at the end of the text, after the Index.
Illustrated Catalogue of the Collections Obtained James Stevenson

On the 19th of August, we entered the Zuni village, containing about 3,000 souls.
Wilford Woodruff Matthias F. Cowley

Mention has already been made of the cloud masks used in the vegetation festivals of the Hopi and Zuni.
Elements of Folk Psychology Wilhelm Wundt

We do not learn, however, that women in Zuni are forbidden to look upon the bull-roarer.
Custom and Myth Andrew Lang

Zuni ladders are usually provided with about eight rungs, but a few have as many as twelve.
A Study of Pueblo Architecture: Tusayan and Cibola Victor Mindeleff and Cosmos Mindeleff

I thought the mystery of the Zuni medicine man was the biggest mystery we should ever have to unravel, but this beats it.
The Broncho Rider Boys with the Texas Rangers Frank Fowler

So this is the country where the Zuni village is located, is it?
The Broncho Rider Boys Along the Border Frank Fowler

The remaining six cities were much like the first; inhabited by the Zuni Indians, poor, ignorant and uncivilized.
Colorado–The Bright Romance of American History F. C. Grable

(pl) -ñis, -ñi. a member of a North American Indian people of W New Mexico
the language of this people, a member of the Penutian phylum of languages


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