The upper part of the pelvic bone, which forms the receptacle of the hip.

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  • Illness, acute

    An illness with an abrupt onset and usually a short course.

  • Illness, chronic

    An illness that has persisted for a long period of time. Chronic illness is a continuing disease process.

  • Illness, heat-related

    Heat stroke is a serious condition, and is sometimes fatal., so immediate medical attention is essential when problems first begin. A person with heat stroke has a body temperature above 104° F. Other symptoms may include confusion, combativeness, bizarre behavior, faintness, staggering, strong rapid pulse, dry flushed skin, lack of sweating, possible delirium or coma. […]

  • Illusion

    A perception that occurs when a sensory stimulus is present but is incorrectly perceived and misinterpreted, such as hearing the wind as someone crying. Everyone may occasionally experience an illusion. However, illusions are extraordinarily common in people suffering from schizophrenia.

  • Iatric

    Relating to medicine or a physician. Iatric systems are medical systems. From the Greek iatrikos (medical), from iatros (physician), from iasthai (to heal).

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