A descriptive term for something that is in a cluster or bunch. For example, a racemose aneurysm is an aneurysm that looks like a bunch of grapes.

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  • Racemose aneurysm

    An aneurysm that looks like a bunch of grapes.

  • Rad

    Radiation absorbed dose, a measurement for a dose of ionizing radiation.

  • RAD51

    An enzyme that coordinates recombination and that is important to the process of error-free DNA repair by recombination.

  • Radial

    Pertaining to the radius, the smaller bone in the forearm. The radial artery is so named because of its proximity to the radius. Pertaining to the radius of a circle. Spreading from a central point. A radial keratotomy is an eye operation in which incisions are made in the cornea that resemble the spokes in […]

  • Radial keratotomy

    An eye surgery procedure designed to flatten the cornea, reducing its optical power, to correct nearsightedness (myopia). In the procedure, incisions (cuts) are made in the cornea. The procedure is said to be radial because the incisions resemble the spokes in a bicycle wheel.

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