To absorb again, to lose substance. For example, some of a tooth may be resorbed.

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  • Resorption

    The process of losing substance. For example, when bone is surgically reshaped, it undergoes both new formation and resorption.

  • Respiration

    The act of inhaling and exhaling air in order to exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide.

  • Respiratory

    Having to do with respiration.

  • Respiratory disease, acute

    A sudden condition in which breathing is difficult and the oxygen levels in the blood abruptly drop lower than normal.

  • Respiratory distress syndrome (RDS)

    Formerly known as hyaline membrane disease, a syndrome of respiratory difficulty in newborn infants caused by a deficiency of a molecule called surfactant. RDS almost always occurs in newborns born before 37 weeks of gestation. The more premature the baby is, the greater is the chance of developing RDS. RDS is more likely to occur […]

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