Infected, or denoting infection. For example, septic shock is shock that is caused by infection.

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  • Septic arthritis

    Joint inflammation caused by infection from blood poisoning (sepsis) or from infection within the affected joint itself, or as a side effect of infection in other body tissues. Treatment includes antibiotic medications and surgical drainage. Also known as pyarthosis and suppurative arthritis.

  • Septic bursitis

    Inflammation of a bursa due to infection, usually with bacteria. Septic bursitis is treated with antibiotics, aspiration, and surgery. Also known as infectious bursitis.

  • Septicemia

    Systemic (bodywide) illness with toxicity due to invasion of the bloodstream by virulent bacteria coming from a local site of infection. The symptoms of chills, fever and exhaustion are caused by the bacteria and substances they produce. The disorder is treated with massive doses of antibiotics. Also known as blood poisoning.

  • Septorhinoplasty

    A surgical procedure done on the nose and the nasal septum, the wall within the nose separating the left and right sides. A procedure on the nose called a rhinoplasty is usually done to enhance the appearance of the nose. During rhinoplasty, the nasal cartilages and bones are modified, or tissue is added. Rhinoplasty is […]

  • Septum

    A dividing wall or enclosure. For example, the septum of the nose is the thin cartilage that divides the left and right chambers of the nose from each other.

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