c-ckney ryhming slang for a yank (american). the whole phrase is ‘septic tank’ – but as with most c-ckney ryhming slang the first word is used only. the reason for the link is that, like a septic tank n-body likes a filthy stinking american!!!
what are you f-cking shooting at me for you filthy f-cking septic c-nt, im on your side!!!!
an american. ryhming slang “yank” = “septic tank”
used a lot in the london financial markets.
the septics sit in the big gl-ss offices and do nothing.
septic is rhyming slang for american.

septic is short for septic tank, which rhymes with yank….

so if you say you are anti septic, it means you are anti american!
my mate barry is an anti septic!

the kind of idiot who votes a thumbs down to a perfectly good slang word definition, just because they havent heard it in their neck of the woods, and probably has a brother called “troy” or some such nonsense. you know who you are, you mugs!
who voted a thumbs down to my defition of “mug”?

probably some idiot septic!
affectionate name used by glasgow rangers to call their city rivals glasgow celtic.
i see the mighty gers pumped septic 3-0 at the weekend again!!
emily suzanna koelle is the definition of a septic
emily suzanna koelle is a septic
an adjective denoting the categorical suckiness of anything considered; a direct ant-thesis and negative reaction to the popularization and ubiquity of the word “epic” which is normally applied to anything that is considered awe-inspiring, breath taking, illuminating, etc.
2pac – heard that new lil’ wayne joint?
bigge – yeah, that sh-t was septic. it really sucked.

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