Ventricular septum

The wall between the two lower chambers (ventricles) of the heart.

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  • Ventricular tachycardia

    An abnormal heart rhythm that is rapid and regular and that originates from an area of the lower chamber (ventricle) of the heart. Ventricular tachycardias can be life-threatening arrhythmias that are commonly associated with damage to the heart muscle due to coronary artery disease.

  • Ventriculopleural shunt

    A shunt that drains fluid from a cerebral ventricle into the pleural (chest) cavity. The shunt is designed to relieve hydrocephalus (“water on the brain”).

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    A little vein that goes from a capillary to a vein.

  • VER

    Visual evoked response. A type of electrophysiologic retinal testing.

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