(1) failure of the ovaries to produce, develop or release eggs (ova); (2) ovary enlargement; (3) failure to menstruate; (4) irregular menstruation; (5) obesity; and (6) infertility. It must be noted that failure to menstruate is normal before puberty, during pregnancy, during early lactation and after menopause. It is probably abnormal at other times and should receive a physician’s attention. Derivation

The noun form of “virilize” is “virilization.” “Virilize” and “virilization” are not to be confused with “masculinize” and “masculinization” which refer to the development of male characteristics in a male on a normal schedule during or on a precocious schedule in a younger boy.

“Virilize” and “virilization” are derived from the Latin word “virilis” (masculine). Other words derived from “virilis” include “virile” (manly) and “virility” (manliness).

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