Necessary to maintain life. For example, breathing is a vital function.

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  • Vital bodily function

    “Ostomy surgery is a life-enhancing procedure that restores a vital bodily function.”

  • Vitamin A

    An essential factor in the formation of blood clotting factors. Deficiency can lead to abnormal bleeding.

  • Vitamin A deficiency

    14 million pre-school children have some eye damage due to VAD; 350 000 (or more) pre-school children become partially or totally blind every year from VAD; About 60% of these children die within a few months of going blind; VAD is associated with an increase in the severity of infections, particularly measles and diarrheal disease; […]

  • Vitamin B -- nicotinic acid

    Mental disorientation, confusion, delusions and depression Death, if untreated. Pellagra, once a puzzle, was solved by Joseph Goldberger (1874-1929). Serving in the Public Health Service, Dr. Goldberger proposed that pellagra was due to a nutritional deficiency and in 1915 began experiments with Mississippi prison inmates (who “volunteered” in return for full pardons). Dr. Goldberger fed […]

  • Vitamin B -- pantothenic acid

    This is one of the less well known B vitamins, perhaps because it is widely distributed in nature. Pantothenic acid is virtually ubiquitous. It is present in foods as diverse as poultry, soybeans, yogurt, and sweet potatoes. No naturally occurring disease due to a deficiency of pantothenic acid has been identified, due to the plentifulness […]

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