graphics based

)Refers to software and hardware that treat objects on a display screen as bit maps or geometrical shapes rather than as characters. In contrast, character-based systems treat everything as ASCII or extended ASCII characters.

All graphics software is by definition graphics based. Systems that manipulate text can also be graphics based; for example, desktop publishing systems are essentially graphics-based word processors.

Traditionally, most DOS applications — word processors, spreadsheets, and database management systems — have been character based. Windows and the Mac OS are graphics-based.

Read Also:

  • graphics character

    A character that represents a shape. By combining graphics characters, even character-mode programs can display rudimentary graphics, known as block graphics. Many of the characters in the extended ASCII character set are graphics characters.

  • graphics coprocessor

    A microprocessor specially designed for handling graphics computations. Most graphics accelerators include a graphics coprocessor.

  • graphics display system

    The combination of monitor and video adapter that makes a computer capable of displaying graphics.

  • graphics file formats

    A file format designed specifically for representing graphical images. Graphics file formats can be broadly categorized into bit-mapped formats and vector formats.

  • graphics monitor

    A monitor capable of displaying graphics. That is, any monitor that supports a graphics mode in addition to text modes. Nearly all modern monitors are graphics monitors.

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