graphics coprocessor

A microprocessor specially designed for handling graphics computations. Most graphics accelerators include a graphics coprocessor.

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  • graphics display system

    The combination of monitor and video adapter that makes a computer capable of displaying graphics.

  • graphics file formats

    A file format designed specifically for representing graphical images. Graphics file formats can be broadly categorized into bit-mapped formats and vector formats.

  • graphics monitor

    A monitor capable of displaying graphics. That is, any monitor that supports a graphics mode in addition to text modes. Nearly all modern monitors are graphics monitors.

  • graphics mode

    Many video adapters support several different modes of resolution, all of which are divided into two general categories: character mode and graphics mode. Of the two modes, graphics mode is the more sophisticated. Programs that run in graphics mode can display an unlimited variety of shapes and fonts, whereas programs running in character mode are […]

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    Gray market is a slang term used to describe distributors who sell equipment or product without having obtained authorization from the manufacturer to do so. The term is used to describe unauthorized DVD, CD, software or computer hardware sales.

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