master data

Also called reference data master data is any information that is considered to play a key role in the core operation of a business. Master data may include data about clients and customers, employees, inventory, suppliers, analytics and more. Master data is typically shared by multiple users and groups across an organization and stored on different systems.

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  • master/slave

    Refers to an architecture in which one device (the master) controls one or more other devices (the slaves).

  • matching

    (n.) In a biometric security system, the process of comparing a biometric sample with a stored reference template and subsequently assigning a score based on the level of similarity. The biometric system then issues an accept or reject decision based on the results of the matching.

  • matchmaker

    A Web site that refers buyers to a third-party Web merchant willing to sell a good or service at the price specified by the buyer.

  • mathematical expression

    Any expression that represents a numeric value.

  • matrix

    (1) A two-dimensional array; that is, an array of rows and columns. (2) The background area of color display.

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