noun adaptation
Synonyms for acclimatization
noun adaptation



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  • Acclimatize

    verb adapt Synonyms for acclimatize verb adapt conform tailor reconcile fit acclimate accommodate shape adjust Antonyms for acclimatize refuse disarrange unsuit verb harden Synonyms verb harden season indurate toughen acclimate inure

  • Acclimatized to

    adj used to Synonyms for acclimatized to adj used to acclimated to adapted to adjusted to familiar with in the habit of

  • Acclivity

    noun incline Synonyms for acclivity noun incline rise upgrade elevation hill

  • Acclivous

    adj going up Synonyms for acclivous adj going up rising uprising skyward mounting climbing ascending up sloping upward toward summit Antonyms for acclivous downhill facile easy adj slanting Synonyms adj slanting inclined leaning askew downhill oblique supine pitched tilted aslant declivous Antonyms level straight

  • Accolade

    noun strong praise, recognition of achievement Synonyms for accolade noun strong praise, recognition of achievement distinction kudos laurels award decoration approval badge honor

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