Synonyms for accoutre
verb dress





Antonyms for accoutre


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  • Accoutrement

    Synonyms for accoutrement noun equipment with a purpose gear means appliance mechanism machine machinery device gizmo jigger doodad gimmick paraphernalia dingbat supplies contraption widget provisions outfit job tackle gimcrack furnishings setup stuff thingamajig implement doohickey black box idiot box whatsis utensils habiliments tools whatchamacallit grabber gaff whosis Synonyms noun clothing; covering garment dress gear equipment […]

  • Accommodation

    Synonyms for accommodation noun adjustment for different situation, circumstances reconciliation compromise compliance fitting adaptation modification settlement conformity composition fifty-fifty deal Antonyms for accommodation nonconformity refusal disagreement fight

  • Accommodatingly

    Synonyms for accommodatingly adv helpfully agreeably kindly thoughtfully

  • Accreditation

    Synonyms for accreditation noun references, attestation diploma sanction voucher recommendation deed testimonial title character passport endorsement document warrant authorization papers missive card certificate license token testament docket proof documentation letter of credence letter of introduction Antonyms for accreditation disapproval refusal Synonyms noun authorization sanction license certificate permission summons subpoena passport permit ticket pledge warranty right […]

  • Accredit

    Synonyms for accredit verb attribute responsibility or achievement assign credit charge ascribe refer Antonyms for accredit deny disapprove reject Synonyms verb give authorization or control authorize appoint entrust certify empower enable okay license recognize sanction commission endorse approve guarantee vouch for Antonyms deny reject refuse disallow prevent veto disapprove oppose disagree unauthorize

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