Synonyms for adulterant
noun contaminant





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  • Adulterate

    Synonyms for adulterate verb alter or debase, often for profit contaminate shave defile dilute mingle lace pollute amalgamate corrupt transfuse weaken cut doctor irrigate commingle mix intermix vitiate spike falsify depreciate deteriorate plant cheapen degrade cook infiltrate impair attenuate taint devalue thin alloy blend dissolve water down denature doctor up make impure phony up Antonyms […]

  • Adulterated

    Synonyms for adulterated adj debased or dirty tainted weakened diluted mixed deteriorated defiled corrupt impaired degraded attenuated blended polluted dissolved depreciated thinned vitiated devalued contaminated watered down Antonyms for adulterated honorable moral virtuous clean pure strong purified

  • Adulteration

    Synonyms for adulteration noun corruption deterioration contamination debauchment

  • Adulterator

    Synonyms for adulterator noun contaminant defilement adulterant contamination adulteration pollutant impurity contaminator

  • Adulterer

    Synonyms for adulterer noun person who has many love affairs gallant flirt debaucher lover operator cruiser swinger dallier chaser Antonyms for adulterer faithful Synonyms noun philanderer Casanova debaucher Don Juan flirt gallant lover operator womanizer chaser cruiser dallier man on the make skirt chaser swinger lady’s man

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