Synonyms for aforesaid
adj said earlier



mentioned earlier

spoken of earlier

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  • Aforestated

    Synonyms for aforestated adj come before; previous preceding above aforesaid antecedent anterior former past precedent prior aforementioned Antonyms for aforestated after

  • Aforethought

    Synonyms for aforethought adj deliberate, thought-out studied premeditated investigated express examined advised intentional studious voluntary willful treated contemplated weighed mediated designed designful given due consideration gone into prepense thought-about thought-through well advised well chosen Antonyms for aforethought forgotten unplanned disregarded neglected unstudied Synonyms adj intentional premeditated careful conscious purposeful calculated studious cold-blooded thoughtful cautious willful […]

  • Aforetime

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  • Afoul

    Synonyms for afoul adv wrongly; defectively afield badly improperly incorrectly mistakenly unfavorably erringly erroneously faultily inappropriately out of turn unsuitably Antonyms for afoul good right well

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