or mentioned earlier or previously.
historical examples

this stone is secured in its place by iron stanchions, and it is this that the visitors kiss, as aforesaid, and by mistake.
bits of blarney r. shelton mackenzie

each of the aforesaid quant-ties is said to be equal or unequal.
the categories aristotle

the chances then against its being unintended must be the aforesaid multiple of innumerosity.
old-fashioned ethics and common-sense metaphysics william thomas thornton

a little rough, my friend the reader will exclaim, for the aforesaid militia.
the humbugs of the world p. t. barnum

you shall send me a relation of all the aforesaid, signed by them, and another to the viceroy of nueva españa.
the philippine islands, 1493-1898, volume xxv, 1635-36 various

at that stage the wrinkles, with their aforesaid relatives, sail in upon the scene.
the woman beautiful helen follett stevans

the former, as aforesaid, are turk; but they are surrounded by nations other than turk.
man and his migrations r. g. (robert gordon) latham

still, as aforesaid, he was right, but the war the party had been in was with poverty.
the black tor george manville fenn

no time should be lost, therefore return her epistle with the aforesaid ostensible letter.
private letters of edward gibbon (1753-1794) volume 1 (of 2) edward gibbon

the aforesaid grandeur was yet full upon mr dorrit when he alighted at his hotel.
little dorrit charles d-ckens

(usually prenominal) (chiefly in legal doc-ments) spoken of or referred to previously

late 14c., from afore + said.

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