Synonyms for seeing
adj observing




looking at

Antonyms for seeing


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  • Seeing about

    Synonyms for seeing about verb turn over in one’s mind scrutinize grant recognize study regard examine favor see contemplate acknowledge ponder ruminate scan deliberate inspect muse excogitate reflect reason meditate concede consult cogitate speculate revolve envisage take into account take up look at deal with allow for assent to chew over dream of flirt with […]

  • Seeing after

    Synonyms for seeing after verb protect, watch preserve patrol secure oversee defend cover keep observe escort supervise safeguard shield lookout shepherd mind police fend attend bulwark chaperon screen chaperone stonewall tend shelter conduct superintend convoy save baby-sit look after shotgun cover up keep an eye on keep in view keep under surveillance ride shotgun for […]

  • Seeing ahead

    Synonyms for seeing ahead verb infer deduce hypothesize guess theorize envision figure conclude predict anticipate project assume foretell foresee make an educated guess see ahead Antonyms for seeing ahead doubt

  • Seeing as

    Synonyms for seeing as verb understand consider receive accept feel see expect follow hold think know grasp gather presume assume regard sense perceive experience comprehend apprehend suspect observe reckon imagine compass catch suppose believe deem take in be aware of interpret as look upon see as think of as Antonyms for seeing as discard ignore […]

  • Seeing daylight

    Synonyms for seeing daylight verb recognize worth fathom acknowledge read recognize perceive comprehend understand know grasp realize apprehend savvy dig sympathize with be aware of be cognizant of be conscious of catch the drift see daylight take account of Antonyms for seeing daylight misunderstand ignore mistake disparage disregard decrease miss neglect misinterpret criticize overlook depreciate […]

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