when you are casually dating another person with a little attachment, but you’re still able to date other people.
the kid i am seeing is super s-xy.
to be engaged in a romantic relationship with another person,either exclusively or
john is ‘seeing’ jane or bill is ‘seeing’ tom.
to f-ck someone…and still make it okay to f-ck others…nothing serious…to you anyway!
no he’s not my boyfriend…i’m just “seeing” him..oh and his besst friend his dad, dog and brother too!
the term for the wavey apperence of astronmical objects through a telescope at too hight a magnification caused by atmospheric disturbances. looks like the visual distortion just above a road on a hot day.
i tried to zoom in on ur-n-s but the seeing conditions werent good
(v.) dating
i’m seeing janet right now
aside from the obvious definition, to see somebody is to be going out with them – in old skool terms, to be going steady.
james was seeing brenda after she forgave him for the whole beer bottle up the -ss incident.

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