a person who has s-x with people thinking they are g-dlike.
i totally f-cked mandy this morning… she’s so full of herself, d-mn deis-xual.

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  • Cock Scout

    any person who is on the look out for fine d-cks. not necessarily a h-m-s-xual. a phallus connoisseur. my sister has quite the collection of c-cks on her phone; she considers herself a c-ck scout. a derogatory word for a person suspected of being h-m-s-xual. “did you see that c-ck scout roaming the party with […]

  • Farm Equipment

    refers to black people back in the slavery days as tools for the white man. when i was with patrick and amber at the county fair, we saw a ton of farm equipment walking around.

  • cockretary

    a woman or man who you employ to sit under your desk at work to take care of your b-n-rs. my new coworker is hot! good thing my c-ckretary, sheila, is in today to take care of my stiffy.

  • Big Kahuna Burger

    the made up burger joint in most of tarantino’s movies. big kahuna burgers are good

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