the level of how delicious a food and/or object is.
the deliciouticity of this apple is awesome!

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  • gluteus-minimus

    just a very small b-tt. guy: “i think i need -ss implants, my b-tt cheeks are so small it hurts to sit down!” girl: “don’t get implants, i love your gluteus-minimus!”

  • Hermes Fung

    an asian kid from hong kong who currently lives in moncton in canada. can also be used to describe any minority who tries to “act white” to fit in. that kid is such a hermes fung.

  • herro rady

    originated by laura, not to be stolen or yoinked by anyone. “hi, how’s it goin?” -shifty look- “herro, rady…” -wink-

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  • 634

    to confuse your co-workers with a bogus symbol. i totally 634’d them in that meeting.

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