the second definition of annoying, often used when someone is way over the top when it comes to volume, when the person is failing to comprehend words correctly and when someone is repeating the same meaningless word over and over.

is also a h-m-s-xual s-x, move involving the person ‘giving’ the p-n-s to rotate counter clock-wise with his p-n-s half way out.
oh my, that young child is quite the denan.


hey harry, that denan you pulled last night was amazing.

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    an event that causes a man’s c-ck and b-lls to form into a shape resembling a division sign, one with the dot above, then a line, then a dot below. i felt sorry for john, he slipped off that rail and gave himself a total division sign.

  • Djekkie

    leet dude who pwnz j00. together with infernis the l33t f4gz0rs together with roy yawww chille djekkie pwnz j00

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