the s-xual attraction to persons who are no longer dead, a.k.a. a zombie.

not to be confused with necrophilia, the s-xual attraction to corpses.
joseph likes to go to the graveyard in the hopes that a zombie will appear so that he can quench his denecrophilia.

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  • groove box

    the crusty discharge around a woman’s v-g-n- after a hard night cutting up the dance floor…..not to be gone down on. i got her home, and was about to don the snorkel but on closer examination she was suffering a nasty case of groove box.

  • depilation

    removing body hair during foreplay i was with this slapper last night and she was into depilation, on me !! have to say she did start pressing my b-ttons.

  • dershdukken

    german for “shut your wh-r- mouth”. eddie screamed, “dershdukken, b-tch!” during beer pong.

  • desborough

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  • groping in the dark (megashesh ba'afela)

    this phrase is from hebrew and despite the somewhat s-xual connotation in english, merely means ‘clueless’ or someone who is unbearably stupid. forget david’s explanation. he’s groping in the dark.

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