denzen the best partner you can ask for. unusual & out of the ordinary just like the name. stands out in a crowd due to his handsomeness and built body. cute when ready and always d-mn hot. has the ability to make anyone laugh. funniest person ever. loves to make people laugh and smile. dependable with anything. s-x drive is over the edge. has the ability to turn you on with just one look. undeniably s-xy & charming which gives him the ability to attract many women. has been through a lot and hides it with a smile until he meets someone he feels comfortable enough to share his feelings. lovable and perfect in all his imperfections.
1. my boyfriend denzen is so perfect. i want to marry him.

2. that denzen is so hot. he f-cked me so good last night.

3. denzen is so funny i’m always laughing when i’m around him.

4. denzen is so perfect i’m lucky to have him a my boyfriend.

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