someones whose -ss hurts, all the time
dude i’m such a deshazo!!

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  • Fair Weather Patriot

    someone who waxes philosophical about being patriotic but would never actually join the military and put their -ss on the line for anything. to the fair weather patriot simply voting and paying taxes is enough. fair weather patriot: (singing lee greenwood) “and i’d gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today!” military […]

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  • Slurry duty

    attending court for an alcohol related charges such as dui charges or drunk in public charges. dude 1:”hey man, how long you gonna be without a license?” drunk driver: “i’ll find out monday. that’s when i gotta go court for slurry duty.”

  • Falefale

    netspeak in the queer as folk fandom for the beloved actor gale harold. poor, sweet falefale and his unrequited love, you know?

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