destiel shipper

a person who ships the romantic relationship between dean winchester and castiel on supernatural (tv show). the relationship is entirely valid, as are all other ships. destiel shippers are not any less of fans because they ship destiel. likewise, fans who do not ship destiel are not “h-m-phobic”, their view is entirely as valid. destiel shippers often have the uncanny ability to reference subtext and gifs proving the canonical existence of destiel effortlessly.
person 1: are you a destiel shipper?
person 2: -laughs nervously- -trips- -hundreds of pictures and gifs showing destiel subtext spill out of jacket-
person 2: maybe just a little…
a supernatural shipper that does not actually like the show, and only watches it because of the made up slash fiction in their head regarding dean winchester and castiel. they tend to not have the ability to grasp the idea of context, believing any scene where dean and cas talk to each other const-tutes queerbaiting because they look at each other. they have a tendency to call most people h-m-phobes for not agree with their views; this can range from the writers on the show (even the g-y ones) to the actors — except misha collins, any instances of queerbaiting fans at convention panels on his part is ignored.
destiel shipper: destiel is so canon, did you see how dean looked at cas?
normal person: you mean like a regular person would in a conversation?
destiel shipper: no look at these gifs on tumblr. see romantic subtext.
normal person: those gifs are chopped out of a larger scene removing any context.
destiel shipper: h-m-phobe.

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