a song by dt8 fat. roxanne widle which is pure garbage. listeners of such songs should be shot.
hey. that song sucks sh-t.

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  • shnoopie

    when a small white cartoon dog takes a deodrant can sized sh-t in charlie browns mouth, then proceeds to wipe his -rs- on the small boys face. that f-cking dog shnoopie’d me again!!!

  • Caseface

    looking at somebody with your head turned a quarter to the left, eyes opened wide and inquisitively questioning their statements or actions. a common variant includes an eyebrow raise to intensify the situation. note: caseface may also be called faceface. don’t give me that caseface, i know this isnt legal.

  • Gubbling

    when a person talks utter nonsense for a long time. “will you please stop gubbling on?”

  • Detective John Kimble

    this is the ident-ty arnold went by in the movie kindergarten cop. “it’s not a tuma!”

  • Gulshana

    awesome person who is in love with food, enough said. -secret admirer gul, gully, gullocose, gulu, gulshana

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