when you get to where you were intending to go, you forget why you were going there in the first place. not to be confused with being stoned, destinesia often occurs during working hours, and is the cause of much frustration.
john ran down the stairs to the dry storage and walk-in, but when he got there he couldn’t remember what he needed. consequently, he had to run back upstairs to the kitchen, and look at his prep list again. d-mn you, destinesia!
when you get to where you’re going and forget why you went there
you get off the sofa, go into the kitchen and say “darn, i got destinesia, i forgot what i came in here for
a medical condition that happens when you walk into a room and forgot why you went there.
i can’t remember why i’m here! i’ve got destinesia.
the point where you are headed somewhere, and realize that you have forgotten where you are going, or if you do make it where you are going you have forgotten why you were going there
as tom climbed in his vehicle he realized that destinesia had hit, as he could not remember where he was going.
logging into your e-mail account specifically to send an important message, then forgetting to send the message before you log out.
i had to send an e-mail letting my boss know that the meeting had been changed, but after i checked all my new messages my destinesia kicked in, and i logged out without sending the information to her.
the act of sp-wning a new web browser window or tab and immediately forgetting where it is you were going to go, thus instilling a sense of panic as you know it was something very important you needed to do.

similar to “glb” (getting lost behavior) or “cerebral originitis”.
i’m staring at my home page again due to my destinesia, but can’t bring myself to close the window.

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