crazy teenagers in a seed cornfield casturating corn.
det-sseling is a great way of dying but dying with lots of money

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  • tmu fmh

    tie me up, f-ck me hard i want brad to tmu fmh

  • feardon

    fear that sean reardon might take your girl d-mn that’s sean reardon at the moose he might take my girl that’s giving me feardon

  • purple spade

    the nickname for short blonde girls who love ranch and have no self esteem person 1 – “hey dude i heard you’re dating that one girl ” person 2 – “yeah her names tea” person 1- “she’s such a purple spade man”

  • m*f* sloths

    a group of very close friends. normally girls and more than 3 girls. can also be used as a form of aggravation on a hot day at the zoo. “where are the m-f- sloths?” -gc names

  • showmotional

    working in the events industry, when you’ve hit your emotional breaking point. anger, crying, yelling, or complete shut down. or being so influenced by a show that it evokes a strong emotional reaction david has been working so many hours on this event he’s starting to get showmotional

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