a stupid way teachers try to teach you a lesson…by the way, it doesn’t work!
teacher: hey you just got yourself a detention.
student: another one.
student:o well, it’s just a detention.
a place where you get sent when a teacher notices something bad or inappropriated. the best way to get one is to chew gum.
kyle: yo david. i just got a detention from miss hoffman for chewing gum. so i gave her the finger and got another one.

david: for real? i just chewed 36 pieces of gum in history cl-ss and didn’t get a detention. i kick-ss.

miss hoffman: who just said kick-ss?

david: i did.

miss hoffman: that’s a detention.

kyle: haha. sucks for you.
what students hate to get but kinky adults love to play.
6th grade history cl-ss: teacher – is that gum you are chewing? detention!!!. student – (fuuuccckkkk).

on a date: girl – i have a school costume. guy – (oh my god..) you are getting detention tonight! girl – panties get wet.
where nathan sykes likes to get physical.
‘just please don’t tell the principle, the feelings irrisistible, in detention getting physical.’
a special room in high school, where you go if you do something very severe,

1. insubordination

2. get caught cheating

3. bad-mouthing a teacher

4. get caught leaving the school grounds before school is over

5. fighting with a fellow student or faculty.

the student who was in violation has to collect all their -ssignments from their -ssigned teachers, and they are not allowed to go to the cafeteria for their lunch break, lunch is to be eaten in the detention room.
i was put in detention for giving my study hall teacher the one finger-salute for being a smart–ss. that was the only time i was put in detention
-a room where you sit in when a teacher wants you to “think about what youve done”
-where most people get sent to for tardies and gum
“i got detention for gum again”
a punishment used in school in which a student is required to show up before or after school or to stay in during recess or lunch. detention may occur in a detention hall, on the wall, or in a cl-ssroom. as a result of receiving detention students are stripped of their undergarments and are not allowed to wear them again. as a result of detention, students are required to go commando as a sign of their punishment.
the students had detention now they do not are required to go commando.

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