there aren’t any definitions for detrosp-ce yet.

can you define it?

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  • raycen

    boy who likes to sing and dance that boys a raycen

  • sad bags

    incredibly bad female br–sts. her t-tties looked nice in that dress but when i took it off she was rockin some straight sad bags.

  • piping your head

    boosting your own confidence or feeling yourself ok now you’re piping your head

  • f*ck me up the *ss and call me a b*tch

    when you are really surprised well f-ck me up the -ss and call me a b-tch, alex has a girlfriend.

  • pancake n*gg*r

    a f-cking n-gg-r that looks like a pancake! daquan is such a pancake n-gg-r!

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