1. game
2. a playful situation
this is such a deuse!

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  • bar barker

    bar barker is a person who goes to a bar and has to make more noise than anyone else. this is when you wished you brought your dogs bark collar. quit be a bar barker.

  • footlover

    someone who loves feet. like, alot. ew! that guy is a footlover!

  • hocker c*cker

    that hocker you get in the back of your throat after sucking a mean d-ck! i’ve got that hocker c-cker going on.

  • tuuk

    there aren’t any definitions for tuuk yet. can you define it?

  • legist

    a person who discriminates against legs. “if we shouldn’t pay for transgenders in the forces then i don’t want to pay for your blown off leg either.” “wow that person must be a legist if they will only not pay for someone’s legs”

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