Devil’s water

devil’s water – alcohol
while under the influence of the devil’s water…
1: (n) when one is in a state of love or deep longing for another person physically. “going out” with somebody. this is usually due to the yearning for another person in one’s life, not for the actual liking of one person. commonly known as “drinking the devil’s water” or “bathing in the devil’s water”. it is called “the devil’s water” because of the fact that l-st and s-x are sins.

2: (n) a river in northumberland, england.
“my 11 year old sister has friends with boyfriends, now she thinks she needs one!”
“be careful, you wouldn’t want her drinking the devil’s water too early.”

“have you been to devil’s water in england?”
“why would i go there? that is just a small tributary.”
slang for tequila. tequila makes some people violent. also tequila makes you thirsty for more tequila/water/alcohol.
i shouldn’t have had so much devil’s water because of what it does to me.
a term used by drunks that have been drinking all day at the bowling alley to describe red bull instead of the whiskey shot that they’ve been inhaling all effing day. d-bags. this term may be hard to understand if spoken by one of the drunks because their speech is entirely too impared from the whiskey to speak coherently.
me: i’m here to see if you need a case of red bull for the week.
them: red bull? that’s the devil’s water!
me: and whiskey isn’t?
them: no -falls off the bar stool like the d-bag he is-

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