devlins are usually great and fun to be around! always hyper and funny, they always know how to cheer you up and put a smile on your face when you are feeling down! they are known for their good looks and great personality!
1.) im so sad no one can make me happy.

-devlin walks by-

im so happy:)

2.) whos that good looking guy over there?

oh him? thats devlin:)
the best white uk grime rapper of all times.
devlin – runaway
often drunk, mostly ginger, 100% irish
wanna go pull a devlin?!?!!?!?
noun: a grammar term which denotes the point in the novel where the meaning of the t-tle is revealed.
the devlin in robert louis stevenson’s treasure island is revealed very early in the novel.
another name for p–ping or a nickname for a person that is extremely annoying, asks too many obvious and pointless questions, and is socially awkward around others. often named carly.
“man, i really have to take a devlin!”

“devlin is so annoying! i just want her to go away!”

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