a derogatory term for post secondary school that offers so-called accredited degrees while charging students an exorbitant amount of tuition. students are usually mediocre high school dropouts with geds or below average community college students with 5 or more unsuccessful academic years of college under their belts
i dont have to take sats, i’ll get my degree at devry
the first secondary school in america to have 90 percent male students and only 10, females. research has showed that almost a half and a quarter of devry graduate find themself friendly with d-cks.
me: man, there is not female in my cl-sses.
my proffessor: welcome to devry!
an adjective describing anything that is limp, lifeless, or particularly soft.
o my scott, your banana is looking very devry today.

wow, i’m not sure i want to eat this banana, it’s wayyy too devry for me.
a rare dutch last name derived from the dutch province of frisia. devrieses are known for being outgoing and compet-tive. they are extremely well known for playing lacrosse. lots of them tend to be over-achievers as well. if you meet a devries, they’re most likely an amazing person.
dude, did you see that goal?
yeah, he must be a devries.
the act of asking someone a question without actually knowing what question you are trying to ask.
man, the boss come up to me the other day and pulled a devries on my for 25 minutes.
one gigantic son of b-tch, usually hailing from either russia, holland or both. usually makes friends with chill people like asians or people with shaved heads. easily angered by stupid people and rude people alike.
who is that russian looking guy?

the tall one?


that’s devries.
a n-gg- that lies .
.dude 1- ” i just got a brand new whip. i just put some 26’s on it, im bout to be riding it this summer!

dude 2- “really?”

dude 1- “yeah! i got it in the shop right now. they puttin some 24’s on it.”

dude 2-” you devry -ss n-gg- i thought you said you put 26’s on it!”

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