“he is acting like a devyn”
1. one who likes to give f-ll-t–.

2. plays hard to get but is a total sl-t.

3. an unemployed girl who has s-x for expensive bags.
tom: that girl is so easy.

adam: i know, i was with her the night before, she’s a devyn.

tom: at least, i didn’t have to spend money on her, like you.

adam: well, she’s like a wh-r-.
devyn’s are usually popular b-tches. they like to get the d from just about any guy. devyn’s love to go to parties and get drunk until they get sick. they often are really tall with a flat chest. devyn’s usually never have long lasting relationships because they are super clingy. devyn’s think everything is funny and have really annoying laughs. she loves to take pictures of herself and “thinks” that she is really pretty. devyn’s usually have a lazy eye and jacked up teeth. n-body actually likes devyn, but pretend like they do. she acts like an angel infront of her parents, but to everyone at school that knows her, she is the partying wh-r-.
girls- wow did devyn post another picture of herself?
guys- shes not even good looking. i heard she has a bush growing. no d decemember for devyn.
verb. to m-st-rb-t- with a pillow.
the teenage girl had to devyn lsat night, since her boyfriend never showed.
an awesome girl who people enjoy being around. she can be dirty, but in a humourous way. she is pleasant most of the time, but sometimes can be a b-tch. people like her, few love her. her friends stay friends with her for a long time.
devyn is awesome, huh?
nope….kidding, shes epic.
against most popular belief, an extremely beautiful girls name. extremely uncommon. often a beautiful and talented female.
jon-“wow that girl is beautiful”

cory-“yeah, that’s the new girl”

jon-“whats her name?”

cory-“i think its devyn”

jon”-“what a beautiful name.”
1. to have vigorous p-ssion; an endless s-xual appet-te
2. s-xy little vixen
3. good listener
4. someone whos had a bit too much tequila
1. g-d shes such a devyn, she just kept going allll niiightt looonnnggg
2. hey there you little devyn you
3. its always great to have a devyn around when you have problems
4. whoa, looks like shes moved from drunk to crunk to devyn
a girl with a mean heart. can seem friendly and shy at first but then turns in to a total monster of a person spreading rumors, calling names the whole 9 yards. you can tell shes very insecure about her self which makes you feel bad for her. she is very vulnerable and can seem quite lost. often gets what she wants and dosent take no for an answer. very selfish and vain as well as un trustworthy.
“wow i can’t believe she’d do something like that”

“i know right! she must be a devyn”

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