the offspring of a vampire and a human.
rayne’s mother was a human and her father was a vampire, so she was born a dhampir.
the offspring of a vampire and a human, a dhampir is generally portrayed as one with all or most powers of a vampire, with few to no disadvantages. this is sometimes reversed, depending on the context and writer.

in mythology, dhampirs often rejected their vampire blood and became extremely successful vampire hunters due to their advanced abilities. however, despite their help to the human race, they were continually rejected nonetheless because of their vampire blood. thus, dhampirs most always spent their life as nomads, rejected by both humans and vampires–vampires due to weakness, humans due to fear of the dhampirs’ strength.

this word was horribly butchered in the vampire hunter d movies, as the translation from the j-panese pr-nunciation ‘danpuru’ back to english sp-wned the word dunpeal.
cursed to a life of solitude due to his being a dhampir, d rejected his name and adopted his pseudonym so he would not be -ssociated with his cursed “father”, the infamous dracula.
the offspring of a human and vampire. dhampirs were allegedly the only people who could see vampires invisably, so they used this advantage to be hired as hunters.
“the concept is used in anime, but originated from folklore.”
a half vampire turned vampire hunter.
lizel was born a dhampir and as she began to hate her vampire half she sought out and destroyed those with a l-st for blood.

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