a cute girl who is always adorable even when she is’nt trying, she is unbelievably confusing, but bootiful and people cant get enough of her
someone amazingly beautiful, who’s smart, funny, great to be around, and just overall perfect. they tend to be extremely pretty, irresistable, and easy to fall in love with.
diane is so perfect that max fell in love with her.
someone that is the most beautiful girl in the world and really awesome
david is madly in love with diane
someone who can get naked in 2.59 seconds.
be quick and make like a diane!
a beautiful woman with incredible br–sts who i was lucky enough to marry.
wow there goes diane! look at those br–sts!
type of girl who spends the whole night with 3 guys in a small dorm room and says all they did was to “play cards all night”
don’t believe a word that “diane” says.
this one amazing girl, someone who is unfailing there. if you know a diane, you’ll look forward to seeing her everday rain or shine. and like a panda, shes asian and real cute. shes also really beautiful and will be a super friend.
man….diane and andrew….too cool
freakingly awesome girl who is a motherf-cking dino!
that diane chick is pretty f-cking radd. she is like h-lla bomb to the core.

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