Dick Duck Fucker

a) a pejorative for a roman. this term has its origins in the phrase “d-ck duck fart”–a roman motto (dic duc ferte) meaning say, lead, and bear. rome’s subjugated people referred to their conquerors as “d-ck duck f-ckers.”

b) possibly apocryphal texts suggest that the term had its origins in an incident involving a legionnaire and a gaul. like all romans, the legionnaires would march through enemy territory chanting “d-ck duck fart.” as one especially savage soldier chopped a baby’s head off, the mother screamed: “you’re all d-ck duck f-ckers!” making a mockery of the roman battle cry. she was subsequently drawn and quartered.
mick: bush and obama are a couple of imperialist d-ck duck f-ckers.

k-ssie: what does d-ck duck f-cker mean?

mick: it’s latin.

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