dick duster

any properly grown moustache, full enough to be accepted as a motorcycle cop. this moustache will easily brush the dust off any average sized d-ck while sucking on it, with ease.

this moustache takes on the resemblance of a 8″ wide paint brush, similar to that of ned flanders.
when that motorcycle cop pulled me over, i commented in regards to what a beautiful d-ck duster he had. he obliged me by sucking my c-ck and dusting it at the same time. my tax dollars paying me back for once.
a long moustache that reaches past your lips which would be capable of dusting the top of a d-ck whilst giving oral s-x.
joley: how was your night with your boyfriend last night?
taylor: we had a good time, until we started having s-x.
joley: why, what happened?
taylor: well, normally its really good, but justin has started growing a really long moustache, and it feels weird when he went down on me.
joley: oh, is it relly long?
taylor: it’s a fullblown d-ck duster
a bushy moustache; term of endearment
tom selleck would be jealous of that d-ckduster!
a young woman that sleeps with older men, basically dusting off their cobwebbed crotches before hitting the grave
practically all the playboy bunnies end up as a d-ck duster
a gay man’s soul patch. this tuft of hair just below the lower lip will dust the bottom shaft of any c-ck that happens to be insertered in the gay man’s mouth.

see {d-ck broom]
hey rocky! nice d-ck duster.
a person who is a wh-r- who hand jobs and bl-w j-bs many people.
i hate monica so much, shes such a d-ckduster!

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