dick pinger

another term used for v–gr-
person 1: ” oh no ….. i can’t get it up ”

person 2: ” just pop a d-ck pinger”

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  • sore nude

    when all of your orifices have been defiled and f-cked so hard there sore by a secret lover and you send your main lover a nude giiiiirrrllll i sent luke a sore nude from gabe

  • whoop whoop whoop

    something morons say whoop whoop whoop

  • ive had enough

    the threshold any one person has when they’ve had enough. i can’t take this sh-t anymore, i’ve had enough!

  • swampy c*ck

    that one dude who will literally put his d-ck in anything, whether it being a really unattractive girl or an actual swamp. d-mn i can’t believe joshua slept with that girl, he must have a real swampy c-ck!

  • ham waffle

    a very flappy p-ssy. “bro, john’s mom has the most disgusting ham waffle xd”

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