dick without a pee hole

a cl-t; inferior p-n-s
female part

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  • hotacaust

    when an extremely skinny chick looks like a holocaust victim, but is still hot. that chick is so thin she looks like a skin flap covering a unitard. but she’s still hotacaust.

  • dickwrecked

    when a female has such great s-x with one guy that is makes it impossible to reach -rg-sm with any other guy, thus ruining s-x for her with anyone but the wrecker. girl: steve d-ckwrecked me last weekend and now i can’t get off with bob.

  • dickzoned

    when a woman wants a relationship from a man but he only wants s-x. and thinking he will finally come around to her way of thinking, she goes along with it. man, she threw me into the friendzone a few years back, and now, all of a sudden, she wants to be with me. i […]

  • Dictorious

    (adj.) the state of being a man is in when they have finished first in a two-man threeway. guy 1: alright, we’re both going to do this so let’s remember; whoever is dictorious gets to leave first. guy 2: may the best man win.

  • diddacoy

    a misuse of the word for romani travellers, generally used by the ‘settled’ population to identify pikey types steer clear of that girl, she’s a right diddacoy how do you know that? i just saw her sh-tting on the pavement

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