Dick Wrangler

that girl that is super flirty with you and makes you think she wants to f-ck you but in reality never will so she slings her “fine -ss p-ssy l-sso” around your c-ck and drags you around to wherever she wants to go.

usually a broad that has one, possibly more, hopeless dudes under the age of 22/23 just tagging along with her on her random -ss paces around the club/bar.
haha did you see that hot chick and the poor guy she brought with her that’s stuck following her around the bar. ya, stay away from that d-ck wrangler.

dude we gotta stop following your friend, shes just a d-ck wrangler.

wow no wonder all those girls became friends with each other over the years. they’re all just a buncha f-ckin d-ck wranglers.
someone who enjoys touching, pleasuring and anything else -ssociated with d-cks.
denholm: i really fancy a hot dog right about now.
jonathan: stop using euphemisms you d-ckwrangler! just go and wrangle kieran’s d-ck. gosh.
one who rounds up d-cks for his own use and/or profit.
“dude, i heard shawn is a h-m-!”

“no sh-t man, that d-ck wranglers been pulling in the c-cks for years. i heard he even sells some of ’em off to his flaming friends!”

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