the act of loving christofer drew ingle, dahvie vanity, andy sixx, and zombies
sam: i’m listening to a mix of nevershoutnever!, blood on the dance floor, and black veil brides! oh, and planing on how to create zombies!

zoe: d-ckagobendirf for life<3sam: you know it!

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  • d*ck cutter

    a person with no life who cuts marks in their b-lls, these people are mostly found on mmorpgs. roy:”that d-ck cutter cut stars on his b-llsack.” bob:”wow hes such a f-g.”

  • d*ck fluffer

    the guy (or girl) who preps the p-n-s before a p-rn- flick. bl-wj-b optional. “don’t worry about it, i hired a d-ck fluffer so you don’t get nervous before the big shoot”

  • holdonot

    don’t hold me – plain and simple i am who i am, you are who you are, holdonot.

  • ins*xticated

    to be distracted while driving in ones vehicle while sending s-xts (erotic and arousing texts) through a cell phone. the ins-xticated man crashed his vehicle because he was s-xting and not paying attention to the road.

  • intangible *sset

    intangible -sset are those -ssets of the company which cannot be touched like goodwill, patents, trade marks. when company a acquires company b, then amount of money a pays over actual values of b comes under goodwill which is intangible -sset.

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