1) a fritter made of d-ck

2) a stupid idiot
she really likes d-ckfritters.
he is such a d-ckfritter

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  • baenaise

    when you keep f-cking your bae after you came in her where your c-m and her juices is churned into a frothy, mayonaise-like liquid. came in her once, then churned her like b-tter to make some baenaise.

  • obnoxious tw*t

    someone who thinks they are the best thing ever. one who thinks he is champagne in a tall gl-ss, yet they are infant warm p-ss in a plastic up. you know mo, he’s an obnoxious tw-t he is

  • stormy sea

    when a woman bieng f-cked in the -ss lets out a long, wet fart she had a very stormy sea when i was doing her doggy style

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    wasted as f-ck “oh god what is even l don’t enemy now ..just dropped phone i set the doors on slow morons this is having stock freaking sick sorry totally choked 15 shoes shots totally gonna rahway this when i’m sobee what even is that? thank god for autocorrect good dawns you like jscj hold […]

  • there aren't any definitions for this word

    there are, don’t lie to yourself. this is what the urban dictionary says to you if you type an imaginary slang word that your imaginary friends use to try and act cool. john: what does “fam” mean? urban dictionary: there aren’t any definitions for this word.

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