a d-ckina is when you have a d-ck or a p-n-s and you also have a v-g-n-.
both males and females can have d-ckinas.

also similar to transs-xuals
see: chobina
holy sh-t krista your d-ckina is m-ssive!

woh, put your d-ckina away!!

i want your d-ckina

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  • d*ck jiggler

    a slang term for a h-m-s-xual. bro 1: jerry was wearing spangly shoes today. bro 2: i know, he must be a d-ckjiggler a pervert, one who jiggles d-cks, guy fox, masturbation, frantic research, w-ng dangler, c-ckspert (c-ck expert), or pocket pool. get away from me you d-ck jiggler!

  • nesthead

    a word used in st helens to insult someone or to describe a persons haircut if they have bald patch 1) hey nathen, your hairstyle is a nesthead. 1) hey rogers that is a f-ck-ng fat nesthead that!

  • d*ckkle

    a d-ck with pickle b-mps on it. abnormally big gooseb-mps on your d-ckkle

  • foi boy

    a foi boy is an asian guy who is very insecure about non-asian guys dating asian girls. it dominates his thinking. and he is mad that asian women would date outside of their race. me and my girlfriend were in the mall and a group of foi boys gave us bad looks.

  • grab oats and honey

    v.:the act of removing a large or medium size, wet bodag from the rectal pubic hairs. this will often result in the removal of surrounding hairs and excruciating pain. “dude your sh-t stinks, go grab oats and honey. now! b-tch!”

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